4-H News – Nancy Lambert – 7-10-19


Saline County 4-H General Show/Home Show Results
The Saline County 4-H General Show/Home & Family Show was held on Saturday, June 29, at Dorrisville Baptist Church. 4-H members showed their talents to the judges as they exhibited a wide variety of projects.
4-H Cloverbuds (youth ages 5-7) came out to show the judge their projects. Cloverbuds participating this year were: Garrett Arnold, Seth Brown, Abby Butler, Raymond Rose, Elliot Tanner, and Hallee Whitlock.
Following the introductions and 4-H and American Pledges, the show started with Fashion Revue, a 4-H project where members write their own narrative which is read while they model a sewn or purchased garment. Callie Oxford, Rachel Lands, Caroline Tanner and Kailyn Williams participated in this class, with Caroline Tanner receiving the County Champion ribbon.
County Champion ribbons were awarded to: Wyatt Arnold (Auto Tech), Devin Carlile (Ag General), Callie Oxford (A Job For Me, Entrepreneurship, Llama) Rachel Smock (Collections ñ Coins, Softball), Rachel Lands (Electricity 4), Alan Pribble (Do Your Own Thing ñ Creative Arts), Sierra Wilson (Do Your Own Thing ñ Civic Engagement), David Heath (Recycling), Zane Carlile (Sports Fitness), Kenna Sisney (Shooting Sports – Archery), and Robert Duncan (Collections ñ Hobbies, Shooting Sports – Air Rifle).
There are many popular projects for youth interested in Natural Resources and Animals. A State Fair ribbon went to Shelby Pribble (Veterinary Science) and a State Fair Alternate ribbon went to Maddy Sisney (Veterinary Science). State Fair ribbons were awarded to Sierra Wilson (Natural Resources 1) and Carter Herrmann (Entomology 1).
In the Mechanical Sciences and Wood Sciences, State Fair ribbons were awarded to Rachel Lands (Tractor D), Sierra Wilson (Woodworking 1), Loren Pribble (Welding), David Heath (Welding), and Wyatt Arnold (Small Engines 3). State Fair Alternate ribbons were awarded to Rachel Lands (Welding), Joel Glenn (Welding), and Tate Miller (Woodworking 2).
Callie Oxford earned State Fair ribbons for Civic Engagement and for Passport to the World ñ Individual.
Earning State Fair honors for Horticulture and Floriculture projects this year were: Haylee Brown (Floriculture A), Rachel Lands (Floriculture C), Zane Carlile (Vegetable Gardening Display), and Devin Carlile (Vegetable Plate). State Fair Alternate ribbons went to McKenna Sisney (Floriculture A) and Loren Pribble (Vegetable Plate).
State Fair ribbons for Photography were awarded to Callie Oxford (Photography 3 and Photo Editing), Rachel Lands (Photography 1), and Lillian Siler (Photography 1). State Fair Alternate ribbons went to Rachel Smock (Photography 1), Allie Murphy (Photography 2), and Chloe Hopkins (Photography 3).
State Fair ribbons for Visual Arts were awarded to Lillian Siler (Chalk/Carbon/Pigment), Emma Carlile (Chalk/Carbon/Pigment), Sierra Wilson (Clay, Heritage Arts, and Wood), Rachel Lands (Fiber and Paper), Caroline Tanner (Fiber – Non Original 8-10 years only), Tate Miller (Metal and Nature), Kailyn Williams (Scrapbooking – Beginning), and Abigail Wilcox (Food Decorating – Intermediate).
Visual Arts State Fair Alternate ribbon winners were Christian Jean (Chalk/Carbon/Pigment), Lillian Siler (Clay), David Heath (Metal), Sierra Wilson (Nature), Levi Tanner (Wood), and Kailyn Williams (Food Decorating – Intermediate).
State Fair ribbons for Foods projects were awarded to Caroline Tanner (4-H Cooking 101 – Cookies), Jaylee Evans (4-H Cooking 101 ñ Cookies) , Breanna Lorimer (4-H Cooking 201 ñ Scones), Carter Herrmann (4-H Cooking 201 – Bread), Rachel Lands (4-H Cooking 201 ñ Muffins), Maddie McFarland (4-H Cooking 301 – Rolls), and Lillian Siler (Food Preservation).
County Champions for the Foods projects were Carter Herrmann (Candy Making), Cheyenne Anderson (Microwaving), and David Heath (Pies).
In the Design and Clothing Decisions project areas, State Fair ribbons were awarded to Bridget Payne (Design Decisions ñ Advanced), Kailyn Williams (Design Decisions – Beginning), Easton Witges (Design Decisions – Beginning), and Callie Oxford (Shopping in Style ñ Intermediate). Courtney Boulds earned a State Fair Alternate ribbon for Design Decisions – Intermediate.
State Fair ribbon winners for Clothing & Textiles projects were Caroline Tanner (STEAM Clothing 1), Kailyn Williams (STEAM Clothing 2), and Bridget Payne (STEAM Clothing 3). Rachel Lands earned a State Fair Alternate ribbon for her STEAM Clothing 3 project.
Sewing Top of Show was awarded to Bridget Payne and Best Construction was awarded to Kailyn Williams.
We would like to thank Dorrisville Baptist Church for providing the location for our 4-H Show, the volunteers who served as judges and assistants – we couldnít have held the show without you, our 4-H families and dedicated club leaders for all you do all year long, Logan Boulds and WEBQ for coming out to interview the 4-H kids, and the Harrisburg Register and the SI Dollar Saver for their publicity and continuous support of our program.
Congratulations to all of our exhibitors for a job well done.

Caption: State Fair, State Fair Alternate, and County Champion ribbon winners are pictured following the Saline County 4-H General/Home & Family Show held on Saturday, June 29, at Dorrisville Baptist Church. Congratulations to all!