4-H News – Nancy Lambert – 6-19-19


4-H Storytellers
Be Authentic. Share Truth. Build Connections
In July, 4-H members will be invited to become a 4-H Storyteller. In the fall, 20 youth selected from the applicants will be trained by some of Illinois’s finest storytellers. The stories may take the form of written word: blogs, poetry, or letters. They may take the form of art: photography, art, or comics. They may take the form of sound: video, song, or podcast.
4-H Storytellers will tell their personal stories, and in doing so, we will see 4-H in action in their lives. This opportunity is open to youth who will be in grades 8 to 11 this fall.
Applicants will be asked to submit two original examples of any of the following things: blogs, poetry, letters, photography, art, comics, video, song, podcast, or other form not listed. The two examples may be of the same form or different forms. Applicants must also answer the following question using whatever medium they want: What story do you have to tell and why is that topic important to be shared?
This program is sponsored in full by the Illinois 4-H Foundation.
New Awards, New Scoresheets at Illinois State Fair
4-H members selected at their county shows to exhibit at the state fair will see some changes in the way exhibits are judged and prizes awarded. Judges at the state fair will us a 10-point scale and give members a score for each element of the exhibit:
* Their knowledge of the project
* Their conference presentation of the project
* The presentation of the exhibit
The new scoresheets are all posted online @ go.illinois.edu/4-Hstatefair. For each Class, a Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded based on points received.
In addition, Inspire Awards will be given at the judgesí discretion for work they wish to highlight or acknowledge. Awards will vary in quantity, description, and type between project areas. These awards will not be based solely on scores.
End of Year Award Time Is Approaching
Whether you are a first-year 4-H member or a longtime member, it is time to focus on pulling together information for your 4-H award applications. Even younger members can submit the 4-H Experience Application and be eligible for 4-H recognition. Older members can submit both the 4-H Experience Application and the Illinois 4-H Award Application to be eligible for state recognition, scholarships, and/or trips.
The Illinois 4-H Experience Award Application focuses on all of those events and activities that you have experienced during the 4-H year in four areas: Participation, Community Service, Leadership, and Project Learning. Depending upon the type and number of experiences you can report on, members can receive recognition on the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond or Emerald Clover Award level. Your family calendar, 4-H notes or county summary, checkmarks, and a few written details are all that is needed for even the youngest members to submit this application. This application can be found @ https://4h.extension.illinois.edu/members/awards.
Each 4-H member has a story to tell and are eligible for our 4-H awards program to tell YOUR stories and see where they take you!