Harrisburg Medical Center is pleased to announce the implementation of bedside registration in our Emergency Department in order to provide decreased waiting time for our patient, increased access to care and a quality healthcare experience.
“Bedside registration has worked to eliminate transitional processes to expedite medical care utilizing hospital resources in the most efficient manner possible. Providers are making earlier contact with patients as soon as possible to provide prompt medical care, keeping the patient at the center focus of what we do. This allows our staff to provide each patient with individualized care faster to improve the care we provide to our communities,” states Neil Atkins, HMC Assistant VP of Clinical Services/Director of Nursing Services.
Bedside registration takes the registration process out of the triage or check-in area and completes it as the patient is in a room. When a patient enters HMC Emergency Department, they will receive a “quick” registration that consists of the patient’s name, date of birth and the reason for their visit. They are then taken directly to a patient room where they are triaged and begin receiving quality medical care. More detailed information such as insurance, medical history and other particulars are collected later at the bedside.
“We strive daily to improve our processes so that we can provide the highest quality of care to the communities that we serve. Implementing beside registration process in our Emergency Department is a great example of providing quicker access to emergent care for the community,” states Leslie Ferrell, HMC VP/Chief Nursing Officer.