Park Awards Kiwanis

Shown in photo are: (l-r) Senator Dale Fowler, TA Sullivan, Park & Maintenance Director; Don Pulliam (K), Roy Gould, Park Maintenance; Keya Pate (K), Ciara Willett (K), Larry Noah (K), Amber Rumsey, Park Recreation Director; Marvin Teckenbrock (K); Richard Rumsey, Park Board President; Melinda Dovell (K), Brad Crick (K), Nora Markham (K), Ron Emery, Park Executive Director, Monte Field (K), Doug Emery, Vice President of Park Board; Tom Fleege (K), David Morse (K), Mike Williams, Sec./Tres/ of Park Board and Kiwanis Treasurer & James Bond (K). (Not Pictured) Dave Clemmons.

The Harrisburg Park board awarded the Harrisburg Kiwanis on Friday, March 22, 2019 at 10 AM for the many years of cooperative services to the park and community. The award was the naming of a new shelter, “Kiwanis Shelter”. The Kiwanis became affiliated with the park in 1953. In 1994 the Kiwanis baseball program and park Khoury League consolidated to HYA (Harrisburg Youth Athletics). The park HYA and Kiwanis teamed together in 1994 to present to do the radio auction which helps fund HYA.