4-H News – Nancy Lambert – 4-3-19


Swine Weigh-In on Saturday
The Saline County 4-H Swine Weigh-In will be held Saturday, April 6, at 1:00 p.m. at the Livestock Building at the Saline County Fairgrounds. 4-H members enrolled in swine projects who want to participate in the Rate of Gain Contest and/or have their market animals tagged for the county or state fair should plan to attend.
Swine exhibitors who anticipate attending the Illinois State Fair in August must know the ear notch numbers on their animals. Bring the numbers to this weigh-in. Registered Purebred Market Swine must be ear-notched or tagged. Crossbred Market Swine must be tagged.
For those who do not want to participate in the Rate of Gain Contests, Market Swine entries are due in to the Extension Office 10 days after the weigh-in on Tuesday, April 16.
840 tags may be substituted for A tags or B tags in Swine Projects. If they are being used in place of A tags (at weigh-in) the 840 tag must be in the animal’s ear prior to weigh-in. If they are being used in place of B tags, the 840 tag must be placed in the ear and the number reported to the Extension office within 10 days of the weigh-in.
Celebrate 4-H Volunteers April 7 – 13
Illinois 4-H will celebrate the more than 11,000 4-H adult volunteers supporting and guiding 4-H members during National Volunteer Week, April 7 ñ 13. 4-H volunteers are the caring adults who are empowering and preparing youth for success as 4-H members provide service to others and in their communities.
Today’s 4-H youth are engaged in diverse learning experiences where they practice skills employers want; grow and distribute food to communities in need; steward our natural resources; identify local issues and initiate positive change in local, state, national, and global issues; and they make and influence positive choices for healthy living. All of these things happen because of engaged volunteers in local communities.
In Saline County, 70 adult volunteers inspire youth involved in local 4-H programs. 4-H clubs and their leaders include: Clover Explorers – Cindy Jean, Country Clovers – Tim and Eliza Arnold, Farmin’ Friends – Kim and Craig Huelsmann, H2H – Samantha Parish, Lads & Lassies – James and Jeanette Bond, Pioneers – Mary and Kevin Wilson, and Pleasant Valley Go-Getters – Dan and Nancy Evans.
Public Presentations Contest
The Saline County 4-H Public Presentations Contest will be held on Monday, April 8, at 6:00 p.m. at the Villas of Holly Brook in Harrisburg. The public is invited to come out to the Villas to see our 4-H youth in action.
The contest covers Public Speaking, Food Demonstrations, Flower Arranging Demonstrations, and a variety of other demonstrations.