Kiwanis Meeting


State Representative Patrick Windhorst was the guest speaker at the weekly meeting of the Harrisburg Kiwanis Club on Wednesday, January 23. Representative Windhorst briefed the club on a few issues that are coming before the general assembly when both houses convene. Recreational marijuana and progressive income tax are two bills that will initially be presented according to Windhorst. Even though the projection is that a tax on marijuana would bring in significant revenue, it will only make a slight dent in the 8 billion dollar back log of bills, he said. Also, the increase in marijuana use will put more of a drain on social services, organizations that are already stressed to the max. For these reasons, Representative Windhorst indicated he will not be supporting the bill.
A progressive income tax is to be considered. The current flat tax is mandated by the state constitution. In order to change to a progressive income tax, the constitution must be amended, which cannot be considered until after the 2020 election. Representative Windhorst said that he will hold to his principles, which he feels contributed to his election last November.
The representative has an office in Harrisburg with Nick Mott as the office administrator. He is also planning to open a second office in Metropolis.
Pictured L – R: Kiwanis President Amy Short, Representative Windhorst, Program Sponsor Rhonda Belford and Kiwanis Member Bob Winchester. Photo Furnished.