Dinger Bats Visits Kiwanis


The Harrisburg Kiwanis had fourteen members present at the Wednesday, August 9, 2018 luncheon meeting at Ponderosa. Herb Klickner’s guest speaker was Randy Drone of Dinger Bats. Drone stated several facts: 1) Wood comes from the Northeast Canada area of Ash, Birch, and Maple 2) Cost $14,000 fee to sell bats 3) $10,000,000 insurance required 4) $20-$23 cost per bat of raw material 5) 25% of bats used in the Home Run Derby were Dinger Bats 6) Bats are shipped to Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc. 7) A bat can be made every 2 minutes 8) Dinger Bats produces 60,000 bats per year 9) Has 9 employees 10) Has offices in Owensboro and Ridgway 11) Has logo on gloves, sunglasses, T-shirts, etc. 12) Miners in Marion use a lot of Dinger Bats 13) Several major league players use Dinger Bats 14) Bats can be custom made for individuals as a gift at approximately $80.
Shown in photo are President Don Pulliam, Randy Drone, And Herb Klickner.
Photo by James D. Bond Kiwanis Public Relations & SI Dollar Saver Publisher