Courtney Drone HMC Director of Marketing & Foundation


Harrisburg Medical Center is going through a transformation and now some of our staff is transforming too. 96 HMC employees have signed up to participate in The Biggest Loser Challenge. This friendly competition consists of two teams, red and blue, working on changing their lives…together.
Rodney Smith, HMC’s President/CEO says “I’m proud of our staff for their dedication to not only the health of our patients but their own health as well. The employees at HMC are always coming up with ways to serve each other and care for each other.”
The “Losers”, as they like to be called, will participate in several activities. In addition to weighing in each week, they will also listen to guest speakers, attend a gym class trial, and participate in a softball game. They have also started a private Facebook group to post things like encouragement, ask advice, and post exercise tips. These activities hope to encourage our participants and help them stay focused on living a healthier life style.