Senior Transitions Program at Ferrell

Bethany Reyling Director of Community Education


Ferrell Hospital is pleased to announce the opening of Senior Transitions, a 55+ outpatient behavioral health service. Senior Transitions offers individualized treatment for older adults who suffer from emotional, behavioral or mental health disorders such as grief, depression, failing memory, anxiety and changes in overall health— all things seniors may experience as they transition through late adulthood.
“The Senior Transitions program is another service that is true to the mission of Ferrell Hospital; which is to be dedicated to improving the health and quality of life for the people and communities we serve.
Senior Transitions is a program dedicated to helping our senior population as they enter a time in their lives of challenging and life changing experiences. Our goal in Senior Transitions is to work with the healthcare team to support senior patients in meeting their medical and psychological needs,” said Alisa Coleman, CEO of Ferrell Hospital.
Serving the counties of Saline, Gallatin and White, the program provides intensive outpatient treatment Monday through Friday with patients returning to their homes each evening. The program is medically supervised by Dr. Joey Jackson. Most of the therapy sessions are offered in a group format. Dr. Carolyn Seifert is the program psychiatrist via telemedicine.
“Our Senior Transitions program is a wonderful mental health oasis for our aging population, in a time and place where dedicated mental healthcare is difficult to obtain,” said Dr. Joey Jackson, Medical Director for Senior Transitions.
Senior Transitions is currently accepting referrals. If you or a loved one is experiencing mental health challenges please call to receive a free, confidential behavioral health assessment. Referrals to Senior Transitions may be made by physicians, nurses, social workers, self or others by calling 618-273-2273. The program will start admitting patients on May 24, with group beginning on May 25.
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