Rotary, a Trip to China


The Harrisburg Rotary held their weekly luncheon meeting on Monday, April 17, 2017 at Ponderosa. Stacy Wassons guest speaker was Rotary President Angela Rowe.
Rowe gave a slide presentation on her and Martins trip to China. Some general facts she presented: 1) 14 hour trip from Toronto to Beijing, China, 2) Chinese are allowed to have two children, 3) August is very hot, 4) Chinese women carry umbrellas and wear long sleve shirts as it is not fashionable to have a tan, 5) 115 billion people are in China, 6) the Great Wall is 4,500 miles long, 7) Bill and Hillary Clinton were the only US President and First Lady to walk to Great Wall, 8) there is no longer Mom and Pop farms, all is now corporate farms, 9) Angela’s son Garrett was a student at Harbin University during the Fall and Summer 2016 semesters.

Shown in the photo are Rotary President Angela Rowe and Stacy Wasson.
Photo by James D. Bond, Rotary Publicity, SI Dollar Saver Publisher.