Harrisburg Rotary
Welcomes New Hope Christian Academy


The Harrisburg Rotary held their weekly luncheon meeting on Monday, April 3, 2017 at Ponderosa. Jayson Clark’s guest speaker was Lisa Miles, Principal of New Hope Christian Academy. Some facts Miles stated are: 1)Started August 2012 2) 98 students since 2012 3) 35 students 2016-17 4) Private funded tuition based 5) 1-15 class size 6) State spends $13,000 per student vs academy $3,300 + $200 tuition 7) have 7 teachers plus one volunteer 8) breakfast and lunch provided by volunteers 9) School year first week August thru mid May 10) Funds for operation $49,xxx fundraiser and $65,xxx donations.

Rotary member Chip Suess, Lisa Miles guest speaker of Jayson Clark.
Photo by James D. Bond, Rotary Publicity & SI Dollar Saver Publisher