The senior leadership, and myself, here at HMC are very engaged in performance improvement and utilize the seven aims on a daily basis. The seven aims focus on safety, patient satisfaction, timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness, patient-centered healthcare and cost. We focus on these areas in our daily Gemba walks in which employees present their Patient Care Improvement boards. The boards focus on all seven aims and begin with safety. We believe if you focus on quality and the quality of work done by each department all other areas will come together. On our Patient Care Improvement Boards we require each department in the hospital to focus on Key Performance Indicators in the form of metrics on Safety of patients and employees, Patient Satisfaction, Quality of work, Delivery of services, Productivity  and Cost saving measures.

HMC Patient Care Improvement Communication Board

Each board is presented daily by an employee of the departments and the administrative team of HMC arrives daily to discuss goals and barriers. Concerns are also discussed as well as CMS scores/Press Ganey information or if the departments need anything. Once a metric begins to show trends, problem areas require a huddle and 5 why analysis to reach an action plan. That action plan is then reported the next day to the walk team and filed in a shared hospital drive to be reviewed later by the Service Excellence Council.

Through the Gemba walks, the hospital leadership engages with all employees at all levels.  Whether it is clinical or non-clinical services in setting goals, evaluating their progress and implementing changes to achieve the goals set in our strategic plan.  Departments also focus on concerns given by patients and families when evaluating which metrics will be placed on the boards. The aim is to give the most efficient, effective and compassionate care possible to those we serve. HMC strives to improve the patient experience every day and the Patient Care Improvement Boards are doing just that.