SITB Southern Scene March 2016

SITB board member, Clyde Wills


Southernmost is growing
Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau (SITB) has added two more counties. At its recent meeting, SITB added Saline and Gallatin counties to the eight others it has been serving.
Originally serving the southernmost five counties, SITB has over the years added Pope, Hardin and Jackson counties. The directors added to the board to represent Gallatin County are Mark York, Nadine York and Carolyn Baltimore; Saline County directors are Gillum Ferguson, Mark Motsinger and Eric Gregg.
Directors representing the remaining counties are: Pope County – Lindzey Barger, Paul Broadway and Sharon Tuttle; Pulaski County – Dean Doctorman and Candy Eastwood; Union County – Jim Goddard, Andrea Dahmer and Dale Russell; Alexander County – Evelyn Caldwell, Brenda Webb and Ken Goodbread; Hardin County – Todd Carr, Dixie Dart and Marty Kaylor; Jackson County – Dorothy Kates, James Temple and Barbara Bush; Johnson County – Tim Pohlman, Micah Merrill and Alisa Goines; Massac County – Lori Nichols and Clyde Wills. The two long-time staffers for the agency are Cindy Cain and Carol Hoffman. Todd Carr is the president of the Southernmost board, Andrea Dahmer is the vice president and Candy Eastwood is the treasurer.
Money to operate the tourism bureau comes from a state grant and taxes collected by the local lodging facilities.
One of the big projects that the bureau completes each year is the magazine-style visitors’ guide. Over 50,000 of them are distributed. A website, www.southernmostillinois .com, is also available for people to easily find information about all the counties on their computers. Southernmost also maintains a Facebook page, YouTube channel and Pinterest account.
The tourism bureau also distributes information about Southernmost Illinois at travel shows in places like St. Louis and Chicago.
Working with the local counties and businesses, Southernmost applies for an Illinois Marketing Partnership Grant to obtain additional state money to publicize businesses and events.SITB logo