Illinois Treasury Official
Visits Kiwanis

Harrisburg Kiwanis President Tom Fleege, Blaise Bernadi and Dave Clemmons.
Photo by James D. Bond, Kiwanis Public Relations & SI Dollar Saver Publisher

The Kiwanis held their weekly luncheon meeting on Wednesday March 29, 2017 at Ponderosa.  Dave Clemmons’ guest speaker was Blaise Bernardi of Illinois State Treasury.  Four programs discussed were:
• I-Cash – unclaimed property program that unites Illinois residents with lost or forgotten money or valuables.
• College Savings – The Bright Start and Bright Directions allow family and friends to save tax-free for a child’s education.
• Able Act – This program helps aid persons of disabilities (less than 26 years old)
• Ag Invest – Loan program that reduces interest rates to agricultural professionals and farmers.