Apply for LIHEAP
    Beginning September 1, 2016
    for Seniors and People with Disabilities

    Submitted by: Ashley Garlick; WADI Energy Specialist

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    Wabash Area Development, Inc. (WADI) will begin making appointments and taking applications for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) for the Southeastern Illinois counties beginning September 1, 2016 until May 31, 2017 or until funds are exhausted. Appointments will be made for households containing any one of the following:
    Persons 60 years of age or older;
    Persons who are permanently disabled (receiving disability benefits or having a disability approval letter)
    Call your local WADI office below for more information and/or to schedule an appointment:
    Gallatin County 14 Veterans Dr., Harrisburg 618.252-2680
    Hamilton County 110 E. Jefferson, McLeansboro 618.643.2161
    Saline County 14 Veterans Dr., Harrisburg 618.252.2680
    White County 110 Latham St, Enfield 618.384.5541


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